General Information

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Planting Tips:

  • Plant during the recommended window when possible (April 20 – May 10).
  • Use short or medium maturing varieties.

NAWF (Nodes Above White Flower): NAWF is the number of fruiting branches (nodes) above the uppermost first-position white flower of a plant. Counting from the top, the first node has an unfolded leaf the size of a quarter. NAWF is a useful measure of plant maturity and can be used to help make insect management decisions. NAWF=5 is referred to as cutout.

Calculating Heat Units (DD60s): Use the maximum and minimum temperature for a 24-hour period to determine the average temperature for the day. Subtract 60 degrees from the average. The remainder is the number of heat units (DD60s) accumulated for that day. Add these daily units to obtain the cumulated total