Caused by fungi in the Fusarium genus, can occur in a wide range of soil conditions but usually causes root rot on seedlings and young plants under cool conditions (57 °F). Symptoms are general confined to the roots and lower stem and include smaller root system with fewer secondary roots, along with light to dark brown lesions on the roots, sometimes extending to the hypocotyl.

  • Plant high-quality seeds in warm, well-drained soil
  • Use cultivation practices that prevent or reduce soil compaction and promote favorable soil moisture, as well as good soil fertility
  • Crop rotation to non-host plants
  • Seed treatments – seed treatments containing Bacillus subtilis have shown promise in reducing damage from root rot. Links to Seed Treatment Fungicide Efficacy Table – mobile version or pdf

Fusarium root rot

Fusarium root rot 2
arium root rot (fungus: Fusarium species)